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"Come, Join Us, and Worship"

Our Parish is wheelchair accessible with an elevator to all floors.

As some members of the congregation are sensitive to scents, please refrain from using scents.
The first three rows in the church are reserved for people who are not wearing fragrances.

Our Vision Statement

St. Stephen's seeks to be a Christ-centred, Holy Spirit led, outwardly focused, caring community.

The pursuit of Jesus is our main goal in everything we do (John 15:1-17). We continue learning to abide in Jesus. We focus on God's vision of who we are today. We look for what God is blessing in our midst now, and put our energies into those things. We will (do) support what God is blessing.
We strive to be a Spirit-filled church, active in healing ministry, scriptural in focus and direction, prayerful in guidance and action, and joyful in worship and life, a caring church with a system of loving support.
We strive to improve our listening to God, our knowing God's love and our seeking God's direction. We seek God's "vision". We long for God's activity among us and through us in the ministry of and through the power of the Holy Spirit. We act as much as possible, in every area of parish life, by consensus, seeking the affirmation of the Spirit. "It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us." (Acts 15:28).

Our Parish Life

We welcome you to our worshipping community.
Our parish is a Christian family united by our common love for Jesus and love for one another in Christ. It is our goal to help our members accept Christ as the Lord of their lives, commit themselves to Him, and allow Him to fill them with His Holy Spirit, empowering them for active service in His Name.
We are a worshipping community coming together to praise God around the Eucharistic Table. Since it was our Lord's command that we come together to break bread and share the cup of salvation, we believe that in the bread and wine of the Eucharist, our Lord is truly present in a way that brings healing and new life to the believer.
The form of our Eucharistic Celebration is that which is found in the Book of Alternative Services. We try to blend both modern and traditional resources and music into our worshipping life.
It is not uncommon for members of St. Stephen's to raise or clap their hands during the service as their way of showing openness and praise to our wonderful God. Other members show their openness and praise in other ways, but together we are united in our goal to express our love for the Lord Jesus and one another.
We welcome you to join our worshipping community and to share your gifts with us as we share ours with you.

Our Purpose

Topreach and teach Jesus Christ as Lord and Healer of our Lives.
To allow Christ to fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we become a Spirit-filled people of God.
To share with others the free love and healing that God has given to us.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities that help us learn about the One we are to proclaim, which is our intellectual response to the Gospel.
To provide opportunities that help us learn how to be with Jesus and live with Him, which is our spiritual response to the Gospel
To provide opportunities that challenge us to Christian service in the church and in the community, which is our physical response to the Gospel.


Parish Priest

The Rev. Amy Bunce

Honorary Clergy

The Rev. Dr. Jan Bigland-Pritchard
The Ven. Larry Mitchell (Rector Emeritus)
The Rev. Canon John C. Davies
The Rev. Canon Wayne Sturgess